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Rethinking Products to Draw Closer Ties

December 16, 2014

by Georges PanayotisWhether it’s a car or a telephone, staging the launch of each new commodity heightens the consumer’s anticipation of innovations....

A Good Impression Makes a Lasting Impression

November 26, 2014

by Georges Panayotis As humanoid as it may be, Nao is not the future of the hospitality industry. This little robot that has learned to dance, and was...

Franchisees are Clients Too

November 21, 2014

by Georges Panayotis With their asset light strategy, brands must now address several types of clientele, because in addition to the public whose loyalty they...

Evolve or Die Out!

November 5, 2014

​by Georges PanayotisYou can’t stop a speeding train, but you can try to hop on when the opportunity arises. The sharing economy is progressively...

The Rise of PLD Marketing: Product, Local and Digital

September 17, 2014

by Georges PanayotisThe digital economy raises questions about everything and makes some marketing rules seem a bit old since they did not keep up with...

Privacy Invasion

September 12, 2014

by Georges PanayotisWhere does one draw the line between knowing the habits of customers in order to provide individualized and personalized service and...

Excessive Outsourcing of the Hotelier’s Role: A Threat to the Trade

August 1, 2014

by Georges PanayotisWe can’t ignore that the current situation for hotel operations is pretty morose. The profitability expected from a well-managed...

Global Hotel Leaders Are Not Always Who They Seem

June 24, 2014

Since the IPO of the global number 2 Hilton Worldwide in December 2013, the top global hotels are now all listed on the stock exchange. For these groups, the...

Digital and Profiling are Just the Foam on the Wave of Marketing

June 24, 2014

​by Georges Panayotis Is digital marketing turning clientele into veritable tyrants who dictate the law and do away with every new initiative? The...

Digital Optimizes, but the Product Wins Loyalty!

June 3, 2014

by Georges PanayotisToday innovation lies at the heart of consumer expectations and how could it be otherwise? Brainwashed by advertising for increasingly...

Destination Paris: A Sleeping Beauty

May 23, 2014

by Georges PanayotisIn the constant competition between tourist destinations, Paris enjoys a considerable advantage that is also dangerous: that of being...

Will the Hotel Industry Become a White Label? by Georges Panayotis

December 4, 2013

Given the speed of ongoing changes in the hotel industry, digital marketing and public communication will be entirely taken over by OTAs who have the means to...

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